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lexie_sinistra [userpic]
Hi I'm new here
by lexie_sinistra (lexie_sinistra)
at May 19th, 2007 (06:55 pm)

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OMG a socal group..  Thought I would say hi and intro myself *waves*  Look forward to getting to know you guys

1) We can see your LJ name there, but what do you prefer to be called?
Sim it's short for Simran

2) Where are you located? Try to be as specific as possible without giving out addresses. :)
Anaheim, home of the the Mouse, pirates and the Ducks!
3) Other than watching Supernatural, what do you like to do?
If I could I would watch it all the time.  I love reading fan fiction, being with my kids, going out.

4) Sam, Dean, or John? 
SamDean or DeanSam.... Dude I cannot pick because I just love them equally.  John is the badass dad enough said. 
5) Jared, Jensen, or Jeff?
JENSEN!!!!!!!   I just think the man is so yummy!!!  Though after Heart and seeing Jared's muscles...damn.   Okay I love them both!!!  Jeff I loved him more in Greys but he is still hot.  Whew is it hot in here....

6) Favorite episode to date? 
Awww man come on..  That's like saying chocolate white or dark, Jensen or Jared, Sam or Dean...whatever they are both just as sinful and delicious.    Okay I'll try...  

season 1: "Something Wicked" and "Faith" and the 'Pilot"  cause let's face it that what started us on this.
season 2: "In My Time of Dying" , "What is and What Never Should Be"  and of course "All Hell Breaks Loose" I and II

7) Zombies, yaye or naye?

8) Metallicar - cool car or coolest car ever? 
Coolest car ever!!!  It reminds me of this really cool 1969 Pontiac my dad had.  It was this amamzing dark green color and I have these  pics of my dad dressed up wearing these cool shades.  Metallicar reminds me of that...its badas. 

9) Where will you be on Thursdays? 
Put the kids to bed and curl up on the couch to Supernatural

10) Anything else you wanna share? It's all about YOU, baby! 
Planes crash and clowns kill, no chick flick moments, that's not school that's school house rock, hope your apple pie was freaking worth it!  That was for our mom you son of a bitch, Bitch...jerk.  Well we got work to do!!!


Posted by: Still Waiting For My Jetpack (azewewish)
Posted at: May 20th, 2007 03:52 pm (UTC)
supernatural - dean (approves)

Welcome!!!!! :)

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